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Interested in adopting a
Crusty Crew dog?
Send us an email!

  • Names & ages of everyone living in the home including children:

  • Phone number (cell phone & home phone): 

  • Address of residence including city:

  • Names of all pets already in the home:

  • Ages of all pets in the home:

  • Are each of the pets already in the home spayed/neutered:

  • Are all pets current on vaccinations:

  • Your vet contact information (please make sure we are approved to speak to your vet regarding your pets as this is a requirement):

  • How long do you feel a dog should be allowed to have to acclimate into the home:

  • Under what circumstances would you return this dog:

  • Do you own or rent the residence:

  • Are you allowed to have pets & have you already paid deposit to do so:

  • If you rent, what is your landlords contact information:

  • Please tell us why you feel the home would be a good fit for the dog you are interested in adopting:

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